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Stakeholder Experience

We partner with organizational stakeholders to create alignment, confirm, challenge and define priorities, develop critical measures and back-of-the-napkin ROI forecasts, establish effective project controls and design learning strategies and solutions that deliver business results. In collaboration with organizational leaders, we develop critical insights into the big issues, small challenges and subtle nuances facing your organization. Armed with those insights, we make learning decisions that make a difference to your business. In short, we figure out how to make learning deliver on your strategic imperatives.

Data-driven Learning Strategy

Data-driven Learning Strategy is a business–critical L & D product. It is the connective tissue between business expectations and the learning outcomes needed to reach for or exceed strategic thresholds. By systematically bringing together several sources of quantitative and qualitative data, we develop traceable connections between business goals, critical capability levers, performance outcomes and learning experiences and outcomes. Traceability of this kind enables dynamic management of learning strategies and products and produces training that drive business results. Data-driven learning strategy combines science and art to develop innovative, high impact learning strategies and solutions. In short, better data, better design decisions, better results.

Learner Experience (LX)

Learner Experience defines how an employee interacts with formal and informal, professional and personal development opportunities over their career in your organization. Beginning during the recruiting process, effective LX defines the employee journey from day one through mastery, bringing important and relevant learning opportunities to the table in innovative and engaging ways. Focused on delivering your business goals and targeting the most effective performance levers, our team of experts design innovative and impactful learning strategies and custom learning products that change behaviors, practices, knowledge and skills.

We design, develop and implement strategic and custom learning solutions. Our mindset about investments in training is rooted in the fact that we’re business people first. We understand that investments in training will compete with other investments you could make. In fact, we also understand that the investment you are considering may be competing with other training investment options. Its very likely that your leadership will want to know that the money going out the door for strategic and custom learning solutions will result in more money coming in the door than other alternatives.

Having successfully completed more than 150 projects, we know someone in your organization is going to run the numbers to determine whether there’s a reasonable return to be had (they may even decide to calculate a weighted average cost of capital or internal rate of return calculation). That’s all good news to us.

If there isn’t a recognizable return in the future, why bother?

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We have partnered with The Hobson Group on a number of projects. Our work together has been invaluable in aligning the strategic objectives of our organization with the training outputs offered to our team members.

Their ability and use of methodologies to dive into the details of performance analysis, training needs, and organizational change is unlike anything I have seen. 

They exceed expectations with every project. The Hobson Group is not only a vendor, but a true partner.

Elizabeth Atkinson

Senior Vice President / Senior Strategy Consultant, Wells Fargo Private Banking

We worked with The Hobson Group on a large-scale eLearning initiative that presented many challenges. The Hobson team worked with us to find effective ways to overcome obstacles. They helped ensure a smooth integration of their product with ours and met deadlines. I would work with Hobson again! 

Tracy Adams

Learning Solutions Manager, Crowe Horwath LLP

The Hobson Group has helped NORC tremendously in strategic planning and ongoing operational improvements.  Their commitment to understanding our organization and being a part of the team helped ensure that we see results that are impactful and aligned with our mission.  They provide the energy, drive and focus needed to solve our most complex problems. Their approach is steeped in their rare and enviable ability to develop and implement simple and practical solutions to complex organizational challenges.  We continue to see benefits of their work years after our engagements with the firm.

Angela DeBello

Senior Vice President, Business Development in New Business Ventures and Innovation , NORC at the University of Chicago

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